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Current Course Offerings

Spring 2022 

Auburn University POLI 6650 Public Administration, Civil Society, and Democracy

This course will use South Africa as a case study to explore the country’s public administration and governance systems, as well as the role of the nonprofit sector. The course will also examine the role of social movements in South Africa’s struggle to end apartheid. Students will participate in weekly class meetings designed to explore the country’s history, governance, public administration, and civil society sectors. This sets the stage for a two week travel abroad experience towards the end of the semester, during which students engage in site visits, service learning projects, and field research in the country of study.

Auburn University CADS 5780/6780 International Philanthropy

Introduction to the role of international philanthropy in addressing global poverty and how philanthropic practices and behaviors are embedded in cultural contexts. Explores best practices in cross-border philanthropy and volunteering, supporting the development of cross-cultural competencies.

Auburn University SOWO 4970 International Social Work and Social Development

This course introduces students to developmental social work practice and the contribution of this approach to attaining Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Areas of focus include community mapping, capacity building, community development, self-help and self-reliance, and enhancing social integration and cohesion. Special emphasis is placed on the roles different global actors play in mitigating social problems and the application of integrated and transdisciplinary perspectives and frameworks, programs, and strategies used in poverty alleviation. conflict and peace issues, post-conflict reconstruction, displacement and migration, and global health. International social work practice and development with specific populations (street children, child soldiers, orphans, elderly persons, and persons living with disabilities) will also be explored. The geographic context for this course focuses on developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

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