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Who We Are

We design, implement, and evaluate applied research, teaching and training, and outreach initiatives that focus on macro-level transformations to build individual, organizational, and community confidence and capacity to effect social change. We help solve local-level problems using participatory, empowering, equitable, rights-based, and sustainable approaches.

Core Objectives


1. Integrate research, teaching, and outreach in the sub-disciplines of nonprofit studies, philanthropy, and social work.

2. Apply and translate this research, teaching, and outreach to empower citizens and organizations with the competency and capacity to identify community problems and facilitate social change.

What We do

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Global Research

Our research hub uses methodologies ranging from action research to field experimentation to test, incubate, and scale innovative policy and practice solutions that facilitate development and strengthen democracy.


Our in-country public and private partners are local experts that represent communities and organizations we serve. Our partners bring multicultural competence in the form of knowledge, values, practice, ethnicity, and nationality.

Outreach and Training

Our outreach and training hub partners with local civil society organizations to design and implement development-focused, bottom-up approaches to capacity building. The hub also consults and collaborates with African institutions of higher education to develop nonprofit education programs.

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