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Our Outreach and Training

We engage with local institutions of higher education and civil society organizations to design and implement contextually-appropriate, bottom-up trainings that help build the capacity of civil society and local communities, empowering them to effect change.

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Challenging Inequality Through Civil Society (CICS) Training
Liberia 2021 and 2022

Challenging Inequality Through Civil Society (CICS) is a civic engagement and social justice curriculum created for civil society leaders who aspire to advance social justice through participatory advocacy and democracy. The curriculum covers key competencies necessary for engaging in a human rights based approach to advocacy, community mobilization, and social justice. The curriculum is uniquely designed to assist participants design their own advocacy initiative based on the realities of the environments in which they operate.

Qualitative Research Methods: A Short Course 
Liberia 2022

This curriculum in qualitative field research is appropriate for comparative environments such as Liberia. The modules in this course cover qualitative field research techniques including semi-structured interviews and focus groups, research ethics, and basic research design, analyses, and presentation of data. The course equips Liberian students to design and implement research projects that are contextually appropriate for the environment in which they operate.


Marketing, Communications, Fundraising and Planning
Liberia 2022

The Marketing, Communications, Fundraising, and Planning training provides an organization with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to design and execute an effective marketing and communications campaign that connects their needs with potential donors and constituents. Furthermore, the training equips participants with the insight and competencies necessary to make an immediate impact in the field, thereby improving organizations' relationship-driven fundraising practices. This training is intended to meet the growing demand for long-term stakeholder engagement in order for an organization to obtain the resources it needs to serve its community.

iFEED Training

The Integrated Aquaculture for Food Production, Education, Empowerment, and Development (iFEED) project is a transdisciplinary social action initiative that leverages the disciplines of aquaculture, horticulture, and social work to accelerate action on the SDGs specifically as they relate to reducing poverty and hunger, promoting good health and well-being, and quality education in ways that provide decent work and economic growth and reduce inequalities. This project aims to support the development of a competent aquaculture workforce in Liberia by connecting Auburn aquaculture professionals to the demand for experimental school-based education by providing teacher training and technical support, classroom instruction, field demonstrations, and entrepreneurship and leadership development activities.

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