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Felicia J. Tuggle 

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work, Auburn University


Felicia Tuggle is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work at Auburn University. Her engaged research focuses on community and organizational strategies that facilitate sustainable development and strengthen democracy.  She is particularly interested in how social work education and practice can be used to build, strengthen, and institutionalize partnerships with civil society, governments, and market actors to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

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As a social work educator, researcher, and practitioner, Dr. Tuggle’s areas of expertise include, international/developmental social work, community and organizational capacity building, and participatory action research methodologies. Dr. Tuggle frequently consults with higher education institutions in Africa to develop academic curricula, deliver training programs, engage in strategic and institutional planning, and conduct needs assessments and evaluations.  She values the importance of bridging the gaps between science and service and is committed to assisting public and private agencies build the organizational and programmatic capacity necessary to design, implement, and evaluate high quality sustainable programs that facilitate development and strengthen democracy. Her research has been published in social science journals including the Journal of Human Rights and Social Work, Field Educator, Journal of Policy Practice and Research, and the Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Sciences. Dr. Tuggle serves as a commissioner on the Council of Social Work Education’s (CSWE) Commission on Global Social Work Education and is a member of the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW) Capacity Building Committee.


International and Developmental Social Work, Community and Organizational Capacity Building, and Participatory Action Research Methodologies



Tuggle, F. J.,(Forthcoming, January 2023). I’ll find a way or make a way: A case study of  B.A.S.C.I.S. International’s community and social development work in Ghana, West Africa. To be published In Krawczyk, K., King, B., Ceesay, A. Ordinary women, extraordinary lives: Women’s contributions to development in West, Africa. Palgrave Macmillan.


Watts, S. O., Tuggle, F. J., Sewell, J., Slay, J. L., Ellison, K. J., & Frugé, A. D. (2022). Achievement of interprofessional competencies in live and virtual community clinics: A comparative study. Nurse education today, 119.


Tuggle. F., Banks. S. (2022). From Abstraction to clarity: Centering human rights in field education. Field Educator, 12 (1).


Banks, S., Tuggle, F., Coleman, D.. (2020). Standardization of human rights-based workforce induction curriculum for social work field supervisors, Journal of Human Rights and Social Work.


Mcinerney, T., Thompson, K., Shackelford, K., Tuggle, F., Jettner, J. (2020). Alabama after Shelby v. Holder: Polling place changes and access to polling place information, Journal of Policy Practice and Research, 1, 165-177.

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